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Earthbound Living

*Fueled by our passion to make a difference

Advocating for families. Giving back. Creating partnerships. Supporting our earth.

Hi! Thank you for stumbling upon this amazing journey we’re currently on. Our names are Melanie Madore and Joel Bellefleur. We are the co-founders of Earthbound Living; an eco-friendly online business providing families with affordable options. We believe passionately in traveling, helping others, good food, nurturing amazing friendships, being ourselves and advocating for those without voices. We thrive on new adventures and work hard on making a minimal carbon footprint on this planet. Our products reflect just that.

We began this journey in 2013, when I (Melanie, a Registered Nurse) was introduced to the New Brunswick Environmental Health Network. There, I attended a two-day conference entitled the 'New Brunswick Children's Environmental Health Collaborative'. Throughout the conference, I was appalled at how uneducated I felt when it came to Children and their environmental health. I started researching articles at the University library, joined a team of nurses devoted to children's environmental health, participated in research efforts with a variety of organizations and became a member of Canadian Nurses for Health & the Environment. Of course everything I learned I shared with Joel, and his passion for the environment evolved to a new level. Joel is an engineer in training with multiple interests. He is an entrepreneur at heart and brings along business experience with a Diploma in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of New Brunswick. Joel also believes strongly in hard work and perseverance and together we bring you Earthbound Living.   

Our selection of quality products includes: 
- items that are made with 100% certified organic cotton (free of pesticides) and natural dyes (each product will be labelled as organic on its individual product page).
- items that are made from recycled and upcycled materials to help reduce the amount of waste in our landfills
- items that are Canadian-made and local (we love to support our small business colleagues)
- items that are paraben-free and contain non-irritating ingredients
- items that are chosen based on companies that produce their products with fair-trade and sweat free standards

At Earthbound Living, we strive on including parents in product decisions and collaborate with multiple small businesses around Canada supporting our local economy. We are also always looking for new ways to make a difference and at Earthbound Living, a percentage of every purchase is donated to Breakfast for Learning Canada; where a child is provided with adequate nutrition through school lunch and snack programs.